Military Games

Jump into a warzone or a historical battle in our Military Games! You'll have to train by using all sorts of pistols, assault rifles, and other weapons that could help on the battlefield! Make sure you keep your wits about you as you charge the enemy!

There are two types of Military Games that BallerArcade offers. Alot of our games are first person shooters. In a FPS, you'll see the warzone through the eyes of the actual soldier. You'll have to either snipe or shoot at your enemy as you duck behind barriers and take cover. The enemy will typically be shooting right back at you, so make sure you are on target and use your instincts to stay alive!

The other type of game are the Real Time Strategy games. In the RTS type games, you'll be in charge of leading an army or squad to victory! You'll get to overlook the entire battle and direct your soldiers, tanks, and other military personnel of where to go. You'll have to find the enemy's weak spots and then take advantage of them! Send in airstrikes, troops, and tanks to defeat your enemy. The war will be in your hands, so make sure you lead your side to victory!