Free Hair Games

Play the best fun free online hair games on BallerArcade on your computer today! All hair internet games are safe for kids.

Play free online Hair GamesIf you've ever wanted run your own hair salon or style someone's hair, then we have the perfect Hair Games for you! You'll be washing, styling, and cutting hair for customers, models and fashion trend setters without the worry of messing up!

Most of our Hair Games are very simple to learn. You'll be given either a client or a model to work on, and you'll have to do your best to make them look good! Sometimes you'll be given very specific instructions and you'll need to follow them as best you can to get the perfect results. Other times you'll be given the freedom to design and style your own look. In both games, you'll be responsible for washing the hair, adding highlights, hair extensions and correctly using hair product to help your client look their best!

Sometimes you'll be running your own Hair Salon, and this will come with a whole new set of responsibilities! You'll have to make sure your salon has enough capacity for your clients and also give them a great haircut so that they keep coming back. Earn money in your salon to upgrade your equipment, buy more supplies, and hire more staff!